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Engineering/Drones Classes

ENGR-706 F01    Introduction to Drones (MC 10 AM - noon)--Meramec - Social Science Bldg
9/22/2018--9/22/2018        Total Seats:  20    Places Left:  9

Class is designed to provide information to individuals interested in the drone industry. You'll learn how these robotic vehicles operate, the history, manufacture and the current use of drones in law enforcement, agriculture, aerial photography and more! Discussion will also focus on requirements to build and regulations to fly drones. You'll also have the chance to fly a Quadcopter simulator. Cost for adults 60 and over $15.50. Room MC-SO108.

  • Meeting Dates:  9/22/2018 - 9/22/2018
  • Meeting Days:  Saturday
  • Meeting Times:  10:00:00 AM--12:00:00 PM
  • Location:  
        Meramec - Social Science Bldg
  • Instructor:   STLCC Staff
  • Fees:           29